Friday, September 7, 2012

A perfect day in Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang is a gorgeous town in northern Laos and often the first stop for many travellers coming from Thailand. It’s common for travellers to only spend a day or two here before moving on, so if you’re on a tight schedule here’s our suggestion for a great day in LuangPrabang.

Alms offering – Begin the day nice and early by getting up to see the monks pass through the streets and collect offerings from the locals and tourists. For a better description check out this post from our friends Got Passport.

Breakfast – Enjoy a large breakfast at Luang Prabang Bakery – one the nicest starts to the day we’ve had in a long time and served with a super strong Lao coffee.

Kouang Si Waterfall – Take a tuk tuk out (you’ll have plenty of offers) and enjoy a hike to the top to take in the amazing views. Cool off afterwards in the perfectly coloured pools below, there’s also a small waterfall you can jump from and a rope swing for the more adventurous type. More info from Mike who was with us that day.

Lunch – on return to town and hungry after the hike grab a baguette from one of the many street vendors around town – the chicken one is amazing.

Nam Khan River beach – Take a walk over the bamboo bridge and relax in the sunshine by the river side. Good for a paddle but there’s a strong current so be careful swimming.

Drink – Follow the path up from the river beach to Dyen Sabai bar & restaurant and enjoy a beer in this amazingly relaxing
setting looking over the town. Try not to fall asleep here, many do.

Sunset – Climb the many steps up Phu Si and enjoy a stunning view of the city, river and surrounding mountains as the sun sets across it all and becomes even more spectacular.

Market – Finish off the day strolling through the market and enjoy one of the many street buffets on offer, most offering freshly barbequed fish and chicken as well. Great food for next to nothing.

Best seat in the house - If somehow you have any energy left I suggest more tasty beer Laos while watching the world go buy in one of the chilled out bars on the markets edge.

Head off to Luang Prabang:


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