Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Marvellous Waterfall Near Luang Prabang

It's actually a pity if you can't discover this beauty-spot. Sited nearly 29km south of Luang Prabang, Kuang Si waterfall appears splendid and fanciful like in fairy tales.


Kuang Si waterfall is considered as one of the best attractions in Laos located in the outskirts of Luang Prabang city.


Kuang Si is settled inside a nature reserve next to the Bear Rescue Center. This tier fall flows over white limestone rocks and empties into a series of gently cascading, aquamarine pools surrounded by tropical trees.


When Kuang Si became an attraction, it was reformed into a vast national park. It is well-maintained with wooden walkways and bridges in harmony with nature.


The fall originates from head-water streams and brings along an enormous volume of algae that makes the water is green all year round. The weather here is mightily cool making it a really great place to escape from the heat.


In the dry season, the fall has little water. The greatest time to explore Kuang Si is when it’s full of water and immensely majestic. The fall is devilishly fabulous and incredibly soothing. The turquoise blue pools are great places to swim, splash and jump. However, at least one is closed as being a holy site.

There is a wide selection of adventure activities for travelers in Kuang Si waterfall nature reserve, such as trekking deeply inside forest and discover nature and bathing under mighty cascades.

With trekking, travelers can follow trails and climb up to the peak where you can see the stream feeding into the falls and enjoy some natural pools non-touristy. Nevertheless, the trails are quite slippery so to ensure safety, let bring appropriate footwear.

To travel to Kuang Si waterfall, there are several ways: by tuk tuk, bus, boat, motorbike and bike, or by an easier option - booking a tour.

Tuk tuk is a great choice for a free group.

The mini-buses depart daily from Naluang Mini Bus station with two trips per day. The ticket can be booked at hotels, hostels or travel agencies.

To free travelers, you are able to hire a motorbike or bike to approach the fall. By this way, you can behold some scenic villages en route, especially be pedaling, travelers can be slow down and enjoy authentically rustic views of Laos. The roads however are hilly, beaten and rocky. If you choose cycling, you may need a good bike with gears and if it’s a hot time of year, let depart early. Also beware of the dusty and smoky roads during hot-dry season (February to April). To save energy, travelers can cycle one way and vice-versa by tuk tuk.

An unusual alternative is to hire a boat and ride down the Mekong River before catching another boat to reach the fall.


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